specialized with Construction works
We focus on private and government sectors in successfully completing projects.
Recognize construction industry
Commit to delivering excellent client experience in commercial, industrial, and residential sectors.
On demand Services
We offer Commercial and Residential services including Demolition, Excavation & backfilling, Concrete forming and pouring, Concrete cutting & coring, and Masonry Work.
Experience matters!
We can assure you of our quality service as we have worked in the construction industry for over 10 years, collaborating with numerous companies.
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Royal Construction & Restoration Inc. is a civil contracting company specializing in construction works for both private and government sectors. Our main focus is on successfully completing projects, and our motto A Better Construction Experience reflects our commitment to providing excellent service from start to finish. We offer a wide range of services including demolition, excavation & backfilling, concrete forming and pouring, concrete cutting & coring, and masonry work.

Commercial , Industrial and Residential

We provide Demolition Excavation & backfilling Concrete forming and pouring Concrete cutting & coring Masonry Work Services

We at Royal believe ‘Construction is an Experience.’ We recognize the construction industry and commit to deliver the utmost experience to our clients in industries like; commercial, industrial and residential ensure safety, service and quality.

Our Recent Projects